Quality-Driven Materials Testing & Design Services

Bluegrass Testing offers a comprehensive range of materials testing and design services, as well as quality assurance solutions, to meet the evolving needs of the construction industry.

Serving clients throughout the United States and abroad, we provide accurate and reliable testing for asphalt, aggregates, and soil materials. From initial design support to on-site field testing and compliance verification, Bluegrass Testing is your trusted partner in improving construction quality and building projects of exceptional durability.

Materials Testing

Our teams at Bluegrass Testing take materials testing to a whole new level of accuracy and reliability. Using state-of-the-art equipment, we put materials through rigorous testing to ensure strength, durability, and adherence to industry standards.

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    Whether testing for acceptance, control, or third-party verification, our laboratory is equipped to handle high volumes of testing under tight deadlines.

  • Binder Testing arrow

    Our facilities include a dedicated and accredited asphalt binder laboratory to test for verification, full grading under AASHTO M320, or AASHTO M332.

  • Soil Testing arrow

    Our team is trained to provide accurate soil testing for density and compaction, impurities, moisture, silt content, and other construction-related areas.

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    We offer aggregate testing across all construction materials industries, ranging from the most simple gradation analysis, to the more advanced XRF analysis.

Quality Control/Assurance

At Bluegrass Testing, we believe quality control is more than just a box to check, it’s our commitment to excellence for our clients and the end user. That’s why we work tirelessly to ensure every project material we examine exceeds the standards set by our industry.

We provide QC/QA services to numerous client-types based on their individual needs:

  • Material Producers arrow

    We proudly serve material producers by providing them comprehensive design and testing services to enhance the quality and performance of their products.

  • Project Owners arrow

    Our expertise and commitment to excellence empowers project owners to deliver their projects with confidence in the quality of their materials.

  • GC/Developers arrow

    Bluegrass Testing is the go-to partner for many of the country’s best known developers, due to our responsiveness, availability, and customer service.

  • Materials Suppliers arrow

    Our rigorous testing procedures and industry expertise help materials suppliers gain a competitive edge by delivering materials that exceed industry standards.

  • Manufacturers arrow

    Our laboratory technicians work closely with manufacturers to understand their unique requirements and provide customized solutions.

  • DOT Agencies arrow

    Our deep knowledge of DOT standards and regulations enables Bluegrass Testing to assist agencies in ensuring safety, durability, and compliance of infrastructure projects.

Asphalt Field Testing & Inspection

Based in Louisville, Kentucky, Bluegrass Testing provides comprehensive on-site asphalt testing and inspection services to support the diverse needs of contractors in our region. Our field technicians conduct a wide range of asphalt-specific tests, helping to ensure the highest standards in quality and durability. From asphalt density assessments to application assistance, we bring award-winning precision and efficiency to every project.

  • Field Testing Density arrow

    Bluegrass Testing provides accurate, reliable field density testing services to ensure the structural integrity of asphalt surfaces. Our on-site technicians employ advanced methods to measure the density of compacted material and provide valuable insights into the effectiveness of the application. This meticulous testing ensures that our clients’ asphalt achieves optimal strength and stability, meeting industry standards for durability and performance.

  • Compaction Planning arrow

    We understand the pivotal role that compaction plays in the longevity of your asphalt. Our experts develop in-depth compaction plans and rolling patterns tailored to the unique requirements of each project. Through careful analysis and strategic planning, we ensure that each layer of asphalt is compacted with precision, minimizing the risk of future issues.

  • Asphalt Coring arrow

    Bluegrass Testing goes beyond the surface with on-site asphalt coring services. We extract and test core samples to provide in-depth insights into composition. This analysis is crucial for assessing the quality of the material, identifying potential weaknesses, and ensuring compliance with project specifications.

Mix Design

We take exceptional pride in offering our mastery of asphalt and concrete to design custom mixes for our clients’ projects. We apply more than three decades of experience to strike the balance between durability, performance, and sustainability— all while satisfying the most rigorous design specifications.

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    We specialize in asphalt mix design, customizing the composition and material proportions to meet project specifications and achieve optimal performance.

  • Recycled Mix Design arrow

    We design a considerable amount of sustainable and environmentally friendly asphalt and concrete mixes using recycled materials to promote a circular economy.

  • Applicability Assessment arrow

    We evaluate the suitability and performance of various materials for specific construction applications, providing valuable insights before ever getting to the field.

  • Surface Mix Design arrow

    Our surface mix designs are calibrated to deliver superior performance, longevity, and smoothness, enhancing safety and comfort for the end-user.

  • FAA Asphalt Mix Designs arrow

    At Bluegrass Testing, we pride ourselves in crafting Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) compliant asphalt mix designs, setting the gold standard for airport pavement construction. Our meticulous approach combines cutting-edge technology with industry-leading knowledge to deliver asphalt mixes that meet and exceed FAA specifications.

  • Base Mix Design arrow

    Our base mix designs focus on providing a strong foundation for roadways and other infrastructure projects, ensuring performance and structural integrity.

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